MT5 Booster

The GKInvest MT5 Booster package consists of 12 additional MT5 applications that are designed to improve your trading techniques and help you achieve your trading goals. This package will make you see your trading in a new way on MT5. The MT5 Booster package is available for all Real Account customers with a minimum deposit of $ 2500. Can be downloaded for your MT5 by logging into your account at MyGK Invest.

  • Main feature
  • Alarm manager
  • Trade terminal
  • matrix correlations
  • Correlation trader
  • Trader sentiment
  • Market manager
  • Stealth orders
  • Excel RTD
  • Mini terminal

MT5 Booster Package


Alarm Manager

  • 6 different alert types
  • Open, close trade or place pending orders
  • Notifications via SMS, e-mail, pop-ups, voice alerts, or even Twitter

Trade Terminal

  • Quick modification of S / L, T / P and Trailing Stop
  • Market opening, pending and OCO orders are faster
  • One-click trading manager
  • Trade & risk calculator and analysis function
  • Create templates for frequent use or complex order preferences

Correlation Matrix

  • Compare symbols and products from Forex, Commodities and Indices
  • Choose a correlation period ranging from 1 hour to 1 week
  • Choice of display correlations, range and different sizes

Sentiment Trader

  • A configurable display of market sentiment and history
  • Open and close orders, place S / L and T / P both in hedging / non hedging directly on the chart
  • Shows the current sentiment, the previous sentiment is plotted against the price, and also the open position in the chosen symbol

Market Manager

  • Name and save the symbols in groups sorted by preference
  • Run trading activities directly from the market manager
  • See the market overview chart for each symbol that covers the last 5 days, 24 hours and 60 minutes

Session Map

  • Displays the world's major markets with a timeline that reflects the trader's local time
  • Price movement information for each market session whether completed or in progress
  • Account information including floating P / L and margin used and color-coded markers for future calendar events

Excel RTD

  • No macros, no programming, no XLL add-ins
  • Send trading orders from the VBA code in Excel
  • Entering real-time accounts, tickets, and price data into Excel using only the built-in Excel RTD function

Mini Terminal

  • Simple filling for s / l, t / p and trailing stop settings in pips
  • Pop-up calculator, for example calculating lot size related to cash risk due to distance s / l open position
  • Pop-up dealing form to make pending orders and market orders


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