Risk Warning

Trading on margin carries a high level of risk for your capital, and you can lose more than your initial deposit. Please see our risk warning before opening a Trading Account with us.

Foreign Exchange, Contracts for Difference with GKInvest is a margin trading product. Therefore they are of a high level of risk compared to other investments and thus you can quickly lose more than your initial investment. This has legal force under the supervision of BAPPEBTI.

Margin trading is a transaction on product price movements. Settles are based on the difference between the open price and the close trading price. They can be settled in currencies other than your base currency and therefore, gains or losses can depend on fluctuations in foreign exchange.

You should not trade margins unless you fully understand all the risks involved and that you have sufficient resources. However, there is the possibility of an adverse move in prices that makes you meet the financial obligations required in connection with payment and margin losses.


Margin trading is leverage trading that allows 'gearing' which means that you can place large transactions by only placing a small amount of money as margin. If the price moves profitably, it will quickly increase your profit. But even a small movement in prices against your position can cause a substantial loss and you may be asked to deposit additional margin immediately to maintain an open trade. You are responsible for this and for any losses that might occur if your position is closed. The potential loss, or profit, for margin trading products can be unlimited and this should always be considered by you when making transaction decisions.

Not all transactions can be opened or closed 24 hours a day. Will depend on open and close markets. This can be seen in the Market Information Sheets (MIS) available online and we are always trying to update, without our obligation or responsibility to carry out or for its accuracy. For example national holidays and season changes will affect the time when you trade. Also the market can be suspended for various reasons and during this time you cannot make a transaction.

You place the transaction at our price and not on the exchange. Depending on the market, our prices will usually be based on stock prices but can fluctuate far from the underlying prices for various reasons. All open positions can only be closed and settled with us.


GKInvest will store customer funds in segregated accounts. But even in segregated accounts you may not be fully protected. All client funds are subject to the applicable laws and regulations and are under the supervision of BAPPEBTI (See Deposits / Withdrawals / Balances).

If you are in any doubt about the risk aspects involved in FX and CFD, we suggest that you seek independent professional advice or assistance before proceeding.

If you are considering trading shares in a company where you work, you should seek legal advice first to ensure that you do not violate any regulations.

Margin trading is not always designed to replace traditional or existing investment methods and is therefore not suitable for everyone.

Risk Warning

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