Trading Central

Trading Central is an award-winning technical analysis expert and a leading real-time investment research provider based on technical analysis from a consortium of investment banks and asset managers. The report includes all major FX, indices and commodities with 10 updates per day for each product. Trading Central now offers their own technical indicators to give you buy / sell signals on the MT5 platform. Please contact our Support for more information.  

The indicator is easy to install and is located on the MT5 Navigator platform under Indicators: TC.TechnicalAnalysis. Indicators can be easily dragged and dropped to the desired chart.



  • Key Features
  • Intuitive interface
  • Back tested indicator
  • Constant coverage to market
  • Easy to access
  • Coverage includes: Forex, S&P, DJI30, Nasdaq, Gold and Oil

Trade easier and faster with Trading Central

Automate your trading with Expert Advisors

Apply your strategy to MT5 and trade as you wish. You can apply Expert Advisors (EA) for trading automation. Add as many EAs as you wish, there is no limit. Please back up and optimize your EAs before automating your trades.

Make informed decisions

MetaTrader 5 is equipped with an advanced charting package and 30+ technical indicators to support you. We want you to be able to take full advantage of the platform's features and get a full view of the market. That's why our clients who have a live a account gets free access to research equipment. You will receive market commentary audio covering all major assets, in-depth technical analysis reports and sophisticated chart-pattern recognition tools.

*Product offerings vary according to account type.



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